After Hours - Sunday Herald Sun

Nichaud Fitzgibbon - BAC/Sonart

"Nichaud Fitzgibbon sings jazz - she sings it with swinging ease and an innate feel for the heart and soul of a tune. The many thousands of Melburnians who have seen and heard her perform know these things to be true. They should be happy she has released her debut album; they should be even happier it genuinely reflects the art of a much-loved performer.

There are great tunes here - Whisper Not, I Didn't Know About You, I Was Doing Alright, With A Song In My Heart among them - and Fitzgibbon finesses each with a subtle, caressing style that makes them her own, while retaining their melodic integrity.

A football team of top Melbourne players provides a suitable tasty backdrop, with Ken Schroder's arrangement on several tunes a highlight"

Kenny Weir - Sunday Herald Sun, December 2001